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Spending time with Him……

Posted in Thoughts from the Heart
on June 7, 2017


Life is so busy; our minds can become cluttered with everyday worries and concerns. I am so guilty of not carving out time to focus on Him and pray. I use to believe that you have to speak a certain language or be at a certain level in your walk for it to be effective. ┬áThe greatest thing about God is the He meets us where we are in our life. No matter your age, title, gender, past experiences or any excuse that we can come up with that makes us feel disconnected to Him, He hears us, our heart. Being discipline on carving out time and praying or writing in a prayer journal can be intimidating but should be something we strive for. You can take ten minutes in the shower or on your way to work/school and just talk to Him. We are building or growing a relationship with God, communication is a big factor. Just like we have relationships with people. You have to invest time in each other, talk to each other. That special someone or spouse wants to connect to you on an emotional and spiritual level. That makes them feel closer to you. Same aspect with God. Another example would be if you and your best friend have a “saying or inside joke” that shows time has been spent together. God wants the same “inside” confirmation that you two have spent time together. That also makes us feel good knowing that what we talked to him about, He listened and showed us that He is there.

Scriptures to reference. Matthew 6:33, Psalms 46:10