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Self Reflect for the New Year!

Posted in Thoughts from the Heart
on January 1, 2017

On my Instagram  @Abundanceofbeautee I posted a quote about self-reflection and how it is a humbling experience. That quote gave me the idea to sit down and think about some of my ups and downs that I have experienced this year. Also to be honest with myself and see where I need to improve and what I need to let go. Here are some questions you should ponder when you self-reflect:

What were your high points of the year?

Low points?

What can you do to change your low points in the next year?

What do you wish you would have done in the past year?

Is there anything you should let go of to move forward in the next year?

Are you praying more and forgiving quickly? ( good one!)

These are just a few, and you can add more if you wish depending on your situation. A big one for me is completing everything I have started, and it includes upgrading my blog and bring in more traffic. Honestly, I haven’t really promoted this blog as some people would prefer but I wanted this blog to be an inspiration to people and not to focus on the number of subscribers but to be a blessing to them as well as share some of the things that I love such as fashion and makeup. Let us be positive in the next year and do great things!!!