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My Weight Loss Journey

Posted in Lifestyle
on November 8, 2016

I know everyone and their mother is on a weight loss journey and it seems like a fad but it is not. Losing weight or becoming more health conscious is always a great thing if you are honest about yourself. Is it the foods you eat, or stress, or the situation you are in that is causing you to be unhealthy? I have met so many women who lost weight because they were fed up with the way they look and I was at that point and needed to change.

My journey started the end of February when I noticed that my weight gain was increasing. Mind you my weight has been an issue off and on for years, and I tried so many weight loss programs. I immediately called my local gym and inquired about a personal trainer. About a week later I was working out with my trainer who was an ex-marine, and we worked out together two to three times a week. I was GETTING IT IN! You hear me. My eating habits have changed, and after about ten weeks, my body barely changed. After all that I only lost about five pounds. FIVE!!! I was livid and couldn’t understand why I didn’t lose more.

My trainer sat down with me the next week and explained that he thinks something medically could be the problem and I should see my doctor. Honestly, I was so afraid because I thought that what if something major was wrong and I could never lose the weight. I made the appointment, and my nerves took a toll on me, and I hesitated to go. The day comes and I went to my appointment and talked about my concerns and blood work was taken, then I wait. I waited for a long month, and I received the news that I have an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Hashimoto’s Thyroid or any thyroid issues cause weight gain and it is harder to lose weight with this health issue. Your body is fighting against you so you have to work twice as hard. I am still learning how to live with this thyroid disease and stay healthy. Let me know if any of you have thyroid problems.